Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Car Number


There is a lot of good number in HK say
3, 7, 8, 9…10, the number 8 was sold in HK for 13M back in 14 years ago if I am not wrong. That is an extraordinary number in HK. “8”, pronounces as “Fat” means “rich” who Chinese Does not like?
Other number is known to be good like
HK5 – Thomas Lau, back in 1992 it was a Lexus LS400, may be changed to other car now…
XX8… these are awesome number…
Recently we have seen a lot of Funny number PK1664, WOW, Sandy, Kitty … ( there are hundred of people named with Sandy in HK…
I think this good…. Asshold, Pighead, Seefood…. If you dare…
I am dreaming of HKSNOB, may be someone has taken it.. never mind…
This is the crown plate of the Congressman in Manila…I saw today… “8”
This is a great Number …Wish him all kind of success
HK Snob